Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Joys of Living with a Toddler

Today started out good and then went downhill. How could that sweet little baby I once knew turn into this mini tyrant!

Every day is a battle. Getting up in the morning, mostly Alexander is in a great mood, but there are those mornings where everything upsets him. Getting up from nap time is a whole other story. He always gets up on the wrong side of the bed and is ornery for a good 30 minutes. He insists on me carrying him around like if he were a tiny baby. Really hard on the back!

As for food, he lives on pb&j sandwiches, yogurt, fruits (only bananas & oranges), pretzels, and french fries with tons of ketchup. He use to eat anything and was willing to try whatever I put in front of him. Then he hit that magical toddler age and everything changed. Sometimes I feel like I am hitting my head against a wall.

And what is the big deal with using the potty. We have been doing pretty good lately and have actually been able to go out in regular underwear. Today was our first accident outside of the house. We were at the mall. I tried to get him to use the bathroom but he wouldn't. He has this strange fascination with public restrooms. He loves to go in them but he won't use them. We were only there for about 10 minutes playing in the bookstore. Our bookstore has a great children's section with a train set for the kids to play with. Then I notice Alexander is standing very still in the corner. I go over to him hoping that it is not what I think it is but, of course it is. I snatch him up quickly before any other kids see that he wet himself and leave the store. There is nothing like a sopping wet toddler. We go to the car and I clean him up and put clean clothes on him. Of course he wants to go back to the mall and can not understand that mommy has a really wet shirt and doesn't want to walk around wet and smelling like pee pee. This causes a big fuss and I end up feeling horrible. From now own I will bring a change of clothes for myself too.

When will this all end? I thought by the time 3 rolled around he would be a little easier to handle but everyone tells me we still have a long way to go. Maybe someone will invent a new baby product that instantly makes your toddler agreeable no matter what. I will definitely carry that product in my baby boutique!

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