Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Optimizing My Site With Unique Content

I am really getting into this SEO stuff. There is so much to learn and so much information out there. Yesterday I was looking for some information on one of the forums I participate in and I found a thread with a great link to a free SEO book. It is called SEO Fast Start by Dan Thies.

I downloaded it and immediately started reading it. He offers a lot of great basic SEO information and all he asks in return is that you spread the word about his book and his website. His website has a lot of great articles and he offers to answer any questions that you might have about SEO. I definitely recommend SEO Fast Start for anyone that is new to SEO and needs real basic information without having to pay for it.

I have been trying to optimize my baby boutique for a few weeks now. When I first decided to start an ecommerce business I had no idea how involed it could be. It is really important to provide useful and unique content for your website to succeed. I originally made the mistake of buying content related articles from an ezine before I really starting digging into SEO. Then I found out that using these articles could do me more harm than good if they are duplicated on another site.

Now I am attempting to add unique content to my site. There is already so much information out there on baby showers and diaper cakes. It is really hard to come up with unique content. I started writing a few articles concerning baby showers. I posted my first one yesterday. It is called Baby Shower Food Ideas & Recipes. Like I said, there is already a lot of baby shower information out there already, so I tried to offer some really good and simple food ideas. Since I love to cook and previously worked as a chef at a catering company I had a few of my own recipes I included as well as links to a couple of recipe sites.

Hopefully someone will find my articles useful and informative. And, hopefully they will help me rank better.

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