Thursday, September 6, 2007

Starting a Blog

I don't know much about blogging but everyone is doing it, so I thought I would give it a try. I'm not exactly sure where my blog will lead me.

A year ago I decided to try my hand at running an internet business. Although I have tons of experience surfing the web, I have absolutely no experience at running an online business. I have a bad habit of rushing into things without fully researching them.

Silly of me to think that it would be so easy to run an online business. You know the saying, "If you build it they will come"? Well they won't! Not without a whole lot of work.

Of course being a partial stay at home mom, ( I only work 2 hours every morning as a bookkeeper), money is tight. So I can not afford to hire companies to build me the perfect website, make sure my SEO is just right to get me good rankings, or write good copy for my site. I have to do all of this myself. Here I am a year later learning everything I can about running an online business. I can't believe the amount of information out there.

What made me decide to start an ecommerce business? My beautiful son Alexander, who by the way my site is named after. I started selling some of his old things on ebay and then got the fever. It was like gambling. It was so exciting to watch people in a bidding war for my items. I started looking for bargains and scouring yard sales so that I could continue my ebay adventure.

Then one day I hosted a baby shower for a family member and made her a diaper cake for the centerpiece. It was so much fun and gave me a chance to be creative. I love to bake and decorate cakes and for a while I did it professionally. Unfortunately I am a perfectionist and would get so stressed about making the cake perfect. Then I thought, why not start my own business making diaper cakes. It would give me the opportunity to use my creative abilities making cakes, you just can't eat them. And that's exactly what I did.

Unfortunetly, I went off on a tangent and decided to include a lot more then diaper cakes on my site. I thought why not offer a variety of baby products and gifts. Products that I knew were not only practical but also quality made. To make a long story short, I got in way over my head.

I really am enjoying my new found occupation. I have learned so much but it has been a rocky road for the past year. My advice for anyone deciding to start an online business? Do your research first, find a niche market, and do more research. Now, if only I could rank higher in Google! I'll keep working on that.

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lipsticktocrayons said...

We think you are doing a fab job!Good luck with your new venture and don't lose faith.