Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby Play

Babies are like sponges, they absorb everything around them. Parents can help their babies learn through play. Offering educational toys can help baby develop their gross motor and fine motor skills. You can also stimulate baby with playful songs, exercise, and touch. Baby Play- Teach as you play can give you more ideas on how to stimulate your baby through play.


Anonymous said...

It is true that babies learn a lot through play. Our three-year-old has surpised us by becoming engrossed in work as well. I have a garden that I tend in my spare time. I used to wait until my little one was napping or otherwise indisposed to do my chores. This was because early attempts at gardening resulted in many plant deaths. I soon learned that with a little extra planning the work could be entertaining, safe, and productive. I rarely lose a plant now that I have created gardening strategies to compliment my toddler's behavior. Usually I create two separate sites within a very close proximity. I make sure there is plenty of digging to be done and I allow him to switch sides/jobs as often as he likes. I keep delicate processes for different times, but I still keep samples of those processes for practice with my son. As he learns what is and isn't acceptable practice, I work in more complex/delicate processes. I will keep this up as long as he is interested and the method seems to work well with food preparation as well. As you stated, they are like sponges and it seems that they derive immense satisfaction from learning all kinds of things. I feel lucky to be in the position of deciding which things take center stage.
Keep up the good work.

Another Momma

Maria M. said...

That's great how you gave your child the opportunity to participate. We have been using the Montessori method since Alexander was born. It gives children the opportunity to participate in family life and helps them achieve independence. The child feels like he/she is a productive member of the family.
Alexander loves helping us in the yard. He has his own shovel and rake, but he especially loves to use the adult size tools. Of course!