Thursday, November 29, 2007

Choosing a Baby Shower Theme

Planning baby shower themes is my favorite part of planning a shower. There are so many different themes to choose from and a huge variety of available decorations.

If the parents know whether the baby is a boy or girl makes it really simple to select a theme. Even it if they don't know the baby's gender, there are plenty of themes to choose from besides the old standard of blue or pink.

Nursery colors make a great theme for a baby shower. Guests can bring color coordianted gifts, invitations and decorations can be choosen based on the nursery colors, and even the cake can be designed to match. Another great idea is a seasons theme. A beach baby shower for summer is a fun theme idea. You can decorate with pails, shovels, seashells, and neutral beach colors. Guests can come dressed in shorts and sandals.

One of my favorites is a frog prince or frog princess theme. You can decorate with little tiara's or crowns, wands, and cute frogs. A frog prince or frog princess diaper cake makes a great table centerpiece, as well as a gift.

The ideas can be endless for baby shower themes. All it takes is a little imagination!

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