Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Planning a Couple's Baby Shower - Choosing Invitations

More and more couple's are planning coed baby showers. I personally think it is a great idea to include the expecting daddy. He has every right to be included, he did help create the expected bundle of joy!

In the past men were excluded from baby showers because they can be very feminine. With a few tweaks you can turn your baby shower into a guy friendly party.

When choosing invitations for your couple's baby shower pick an invitation that is "man friendly". The idea here is to attempt to get other men to join the baby shower. If some of the expecting daddy's friends are there he will not feel out of place in a room full of women.

Here a few baby shower invitation ideas that will work for a coed shower:

  • If both parents like sports, you might want to find an invitation that is decorated with their favorite sport or sports team.

  • Western theme.

  • Transportation theme - trains, planes, & automobiles.

  • Couple's design

All of these great invitations can be found at Partyinvitations.com.

Don't forget, you should mail your invitations 2 - 3 weeks before the baby shower.

The next installment on planning a couple's baby shower will cover baby shower games. To play or not to play? Join us on Wednesday.

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