Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Planning a Pamper Mommy Baby Shower - Locations & Activities Ideas

A pampered mommy baby shower is a perfect theme for the expecting mom that has everything she needs for the new baby. This is a great way to shower her with some much needed attention and relaxation. Your baby shower guests will love it too!

This type of baby shower can be done at home, a spa, or a salon. There are many varieties of this type of party, it just depends on what kind of pampering you want to give the expecting mommy.

When most people think of this type of baby shower they automatically think facials, massage, etc. It all depends on the expecting mommy's personal taste. Maybe she doesn't enjoy beauty treatments. She might an afternoon or evening out at one of her favorite restaurants with her all her closest friends and family members.

Here are some ideas for locations and activities:

  • Have the party at home -

    • Hire a professional massage therapist and/or makeup consultant to give everyone facials, makeovers, and massages.

    • Have a pajama party - make popcorn, watch some of the mom's favorite movies, and lots of girl talk.

  • Have the party at a spa - find a spa that offers group rates and plan a relaxing day of facials, pedicures, manicures, etc.

  • Plan a girls day or night out - go to the expecting mommy's favorite restaurant and a movie or play afterwards.

Make sure that any beauty treatments or massages you plan are safe during pregnancy.

Plan your party with relaxation and fun in mind and you won't go wrong. The new mommy will surely be thrilled to be fussed over in such a special way!

Join me tomorrow for decoration tips for a pampered mommy baby shower.

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