Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes: A Unique New Baby Gift

If you are looking for a unique new baby gift for a baby shower, consider choosing a diaper cake. Diaper cakes make a practical gift that the new parents will love. Besides being a practical gift a diaper cake is a unique baby gift.

One thing all new parents need are diapers. What better way to fill this need then with a diaper cake?

Diaper cakes come in many sizes and can be made with just diapers and ribbon or decorated with useful baby accessories.

When choosing a diaper cake there are a few things you want to take into consideration:

  • What size diapers is the diaper cake made with? Most of the time they are made with size 1 and/or size 2 diapers. Size 1 diapers usually fit 8 to 15 lbs. and size 2 fit 12 - 18 lbs.

  • What kind of baby accessories is the diaper cake decorated with? Are they items the parents can actually use?

  • If you are going to a baby shower, the diaper cake can be made to match the theme. It also makes a beautiful baby shower centerpiece.

So if you want to bring a unique new baby gift to the next baby shower you attend, make it a diaper cake. You can't go wrong and it's guaranteed to be the new parents favorite gift!