Monday, May 9, 2011

Easy Baby Shower Decoration Idea

These tissue paper flowers are a great baby shower decoration that is easy and economical to make. They can be used in several ways to decorate your tables, as a centerpiece, and add a bit of color to your party.

Here's the supplies you will need:

  • Tissue paper - multiple colors and/or prints

  • Thin ribbon, pipe cleaners, or floral wire

  • Scissors

You can make them in multiple sizes, it all depends on the size of the tissue paper. Also, the fullness of the flowers depends on how many sheets of paper you use.

  1. Cut the tissue paper to desired size. I cut the paper to 10"x15" for the mid-sized flowers, and cut that size in half for the smaller ones.

  2. Layer 5 - 7 sheets of tissue paper, depending on how full you want the flower to look. For the large flowers, use 8 - 10 sheets. You can alternate the color layers or if you want a specific color on the outside, like the purple and green ones, put that color on the bottom of the stack.

  3. With the stack of tissue paper facing lengthwise, make 1" folds, like if you were folding into a fan.

  4. Tie in the middle with a length of ribbon (if you are going to hang them, make sure to leave enough length). You can also secure with pipe cleaners or floral wire. You could then place them in a vase or decorative themed containers, like bouquets.

  5. Cut the edges into points. Begin to separate the layers of tissue one at a time, gently pulling toward the middle. If you have it layered with a specific color on the outside layer, you would work out toward that layer.

The flowers can be hung from the ceiling in varying lengths, placed in decorated glass bowls, or in a vase to create a bouquet. You could also use tissue paper that has a printed design to work into your baby shower theme.

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