Thursday, November 4, 2010

Homemade Baby Shower Favors - What You Shouldn't Give Your Guests

I love creating gifts for my family and friends. I think that something you make yourself really shows them how much you care and appreciate them. Taking the time to research a project, getting all the supplies you need, and putting in your time to create the item. It's so much more personal then going to the store and buying a ready made item. Of course you want to give them something they will absolutely love and put to good use!

Making homemade baby shower favors has become very popular. I can understand that because planning a baby shower can get expensive! So anywhere you can cut costs will add up.

After doing some searches for homemade baby shower favors online, I came across some really cute ideas. Some of them are great gifts for your guests, but others just don't seem appropriate. Those baby wash cloth lollipops are really cute but what will your guests do with a baby wash cloth? Your guests are taking time out of their busy lives to buy you a great baby gift and come to your baby shower. Don't you want to thank them with a gift that they will really appreciate?

Some of these ideas would be great for decorations for your shower but really shouldn't be given as a gift. Here are a few ideas of what you shouldn't give your guests:

  • Baby wash cloth lollipops

  • Baby sock roses

  • Rubber duckies (unless they are rubber ducky lovers)

  • Any kind of baby item shaped candles - carriages, rocking horses, pacifiers, etc. These are cute but do they really go with any one's decor? Save them for decorations. Rather, get the candle tins that have a cover which you could add a personalized baby designed label or decoration.

  • Baby themed photo frames or coasters. Unless they have a baby or small children these probably won't get used.

  • Crystal key chains that are shaped like booties, rocking horses', pacifiers, etc.

All of these items are really cute but they probably won't be used by your guests. Rather then wasting your time and money on gifts that will sit in a drawer collecting dust, try to give your guests a gift that they will want to use.

Here are some good choices for baby shower favors:

  • Edible favors are always a hit. Fill a favor bag or favor box with chocolates, mints, or mini homemade cookies. Drink mix packets, cookie or muffin mix, and mini bags of coffee are another great edible favor. These can easily be decorated with colorful ribbon, personalized labels, or attach a themed favor tag. You can also make cookies using baby shaped cookie cutters. Then decorate with colorful icing.

  • Get some mini scented tea light candles and put them in a decorative organza bag. There are many baby themed bags available at craft stores and online that are economical.

  • Place scented soaps in an organza bag or wrap in cellophane with decorative ribbon and a tag. Again, you can find baby themed shaped soaps online or in craft stores. If you are crafty you can even make them yourself.

  • Seed packets are a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new life! They are easy to plant and when they bloom it gives your guest a little memory of your baby shower.

When shopping for baby shower favors just ask yourself, "Is this something I would use?". If not, don't waste your time. Your guest will appreciate the gift you choose for them as much as you appreciate the one they bought for your baby.

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