Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bath Time Fun for Baby

Bath time with Alexander can be a challenge. He is not an easy child to please, and it takes a lot to impress him. I have tried many different bath toys and games but have had little success. His favorite bath toys are the foam alphabet that sticks to the wall and bath paints.

I just recently found the cutest bath mitt sets. The fun characters make playing in the bath a creative learning experience. My favorite is the frog prince bath mitt. He is so cute with his little yellow crown and his mischievous expression. We really enjoy making up stories and games with the bath mitt characters. There is also a matching hooded bath towel for each character.
It's easy to make bath time fun with interesting baby bath accessories that not only entertain your baby and toddler but are also developmentally functional as well.

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Mrs. Clean said...

I ran into an interesting family that used to threaten their kids with baths as a form of discipline. I can only imagine how this will affect their kids in the future. My kids were pretty easy when it came to bath time. My husband used to love to sit in the hot tub and the kids always wanted to get in. We would tell them that the hot tub was daddy's bath and they could use the tub in the house. This resulted in two or more baths per day, but it was better than the alternative. Everything seemed ok until they informed me I could no longer take a bath in the tub because it was theirs ;-)

Mrs. Clean