Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Winter is a beautiful time of year to plan a baby shower. Besides the obvious theme of Christmas there are so many other great ideas you can use for a winter themed baby shower. Even if you live in a warm climate you can still plan a baby shower with a winter theme.

One of my favorites is the winter wonderland theme. Some of the things you can decorate with are snowflakes, icicles, sleighs, ice skates, and snowmen. The main colors used are white, blue, and silver. Play soft music in the background such as Let it Snow and Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire. Serve hot cocoa, sparkling white grape juice, and white-chocolate covered pretzels to snack on. For the main course serve a white chili or white lasagna, this great winter white salad (you can find the recipe on, and a white cheese and cracker platter.

If you are planning a baby shower during Christmas then you can use a Ho, Ho, Ho baby shower theme. Decorate with green and red colors, miniature Christmas trees, Santa Claus', reindeer, elves, candy canes, garland, strands of Christmas lights, and Christmas stockings. Since it is the holiday season it should be easy to find invitations and paper products with this theme.

For appetizers, get a green Styrofoam cone (this can be found in craft stores) and a mixture of vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower florets, cherry tomatoes, olives, red, green, and yellow peppers, and zucchini. Apply vegetables to cone with toothpicks to form a decorated Christmas tree. Another great appetizer idea is to make a snowman out of cheese balls. Get 2 cheese balls, one large and one small. Use black olives for the eyes, mouth, and buttons on his chest,and baby carrots for the arms and nose. Cut a strip from a lettuce leaf to use as a scarf. A hat can be made using zucchini sliced into 1 large circle and 3 smaller slices, or you can also use crackers - again using 1 large one for the base of the hat and 3 smaller ones. Use a little bit of butter to help stick them together.

Other ideas for winter baby showers are a Nutcracker theme, a winter sports theme, and a jingle bells theme. Any of these ideas will make for a memorable winter baby shower.

If you are looking for a cute baby gift to give the new parents a baby Santa suit or a Santa's little helper gift set makes a great baby shower gift.

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