Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Great Baby Product & Parenting Info Site

I have had no time to blog for awhile - things have been crazy! Alexander has been sick for almost the whole month of March, my old back problem has flared up (ouch!!), and the website has finally been starting to get a little busy (yeah!!).

I just came across Popular Baby Products website. I just wanted to share it with anyone that is looking for a great site with informative reviews on new baby products. Not only do they offer great product reviews, they also have parenting advice, detailed lists of baby names, printable baby shower games, birthday party ideas, a directory of WAHM baby product stores, and a blog directory.

Best of all they have "Freebie Friday" - every Friday they have a random drawing giving away great baby products from participating sponsors. All you have to do is make a post on the product giveaway to enter. It couldn't be easier!

Not only is this a great site for parents looking for reviews on popular baby products but it has a lot to offer to WAHM's (or dad's). You can add your shop to the list of stores, and to the blog directory. And of course, if you have a great product you want to promote, you can offer it in the Freebie Friday giveaway, or request a review of your product.

Hmmm....I think I will offer one of my new boutique style baby diaper cakes as a giveaway!


Micheline said...

Well written article.

coolbabygear said...

Babies are very sensitive by nature and as such if we end up using some low quality product on them like diapers or any creams then it can lead to severe allergies and rashes. Hence, care has to be taken that only good branded products are bought. As a seller, if we sell poor quality baby items, it can lead to severe problems which also include the possibility of getting sued