Friday, September 14, 2007

Looking for New Products

I recently stumbled across a useful site in my quest for new products for my baby boutique.

Mom's Favorite Stuff offers reviews on new baby products by 3 experienced moms. I really like the unique and practical products they review.

There are 2 products in particular that I am interested in. The first is a baby blanket by Secure2Me that has useful clips on the blanket to safely attach the blanket to any baby gear. This is such a great idea. I don't know how many times I had to pick up Alexander's blanket when it fell from the stroller or he when he would throw it on the ground. I didn't see any option for wholesale on their site. I guess I will have to contact them.

The other baby product is Tiny Tales. This is a great gift idea for the busy mama's. You don't want to miss any of your baby's first achievmeants but sometimes there just isn't enough time. Tiny Tales comes with a set of 2-4x6 notepads and 4 time framed dividers for baby tales, toddler tales, and personalized tales. This all comes packaged in a handy acrylic box. The notepads are the perfect size to carry in a diaper bag and you could have one handy in a flash to jot down those memorable moments when your on the go with your baby or toddler. I checked there website for wholesale options but they are only selling to brick & mortor stores right now. Too bad.

Mom's Favortie Stuff has a great baby gift guide too with a nice selection of website links that offer high quality baby products.

I'll just have to keep looking for more new product resources. There is so much out there to sort through. The web is a much bigger world than I ever realized.

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