Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Planning a Couple's Baby Shower - Baby Shower Games

When planning a couple's baby shower one of your main concerns is making it "guy-friendly". Coed baby showers tend to be more laid back like a small get-together for family and friends, unlike women-only baby showers which seems to bring out the frilly, girly side of us females.

A big question when it comes to baby shower games is whether or not you should include them at a couple's baby shower. This is totally up to you, but if you do decide to include tehn try to choose games that the expecting daddy and the other men at the party will enjoy. Men tend to like physical activities, so avoid the games that you have to figure out what's in the dirty diaper or guessing the baby food.

My husband was very involved in my pregnancy and we had a coed baby shower. He loved opening the gifts just as much as I did. As we were opening them the guys starting assembling any gifts that needed to be put together. They had a blast playing with all the cute toys and gadgets. Technically this isn't a game but the guys were having fun and that's all that matters.

Here are a few ideas that will be entertaining for everyone:

  • Guess the Guest - Prior to the baby shower, have all the guests give the hostess one of their baby pictures. Arrange them on a piece of cardboard and have the guests try to figure out who's who. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

  • Diaper Changing Olympics - This baby shower game is just like a relay race. You will need two baby dolls, diapers, wipes, and powder. Divide the guests into two equal groups. Set up a table with the supplies and put a diaper on each doll. Each guests has to run to the table, take the diaper off the baby, wipe, powder, and put a new diaper on the baby. Then they run back and give the doll to the next guest in line. The next guest does the same thing. Not only is this game a ton of fun it gives the guys some much needed practice!

  • Pin the Diaper on the Baby - This is a very competitive game that the guys are sure to love. You will need a baby doll (make sure to choose a doll the diaper will fit on), a cloth diaper, safety pins, and a blindfold. The goal of the game is to be the fasted as well as neatest to diaper the baby with a blindfold on. Have someone keep time with a stopwatch. Have the expecting mommy judge which guest did the best job.

Guy-friendly prizes can include gift certificates, lottery tickets, bubblegum cigars, chocolate or candy, candles for the women and cigars for the men.

No matter what you decide to do, just try to keep it simple and neutral (not too girly). This way everyone at the baby shower will fill comfortable and have fun.

Tomorrow I will be covering choosing baby shower favors. So join me on Thursday for another installment for planning a couple's baby shower.

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