Thursday, May 21, 2009

Planning a Twins Baby Shower - Invitations & Decorations

Decorating for a twins baby shower can be a lot of fun and is pretty simple. No matter what theme you choose it is basically two of everything. Invitations should coordinate as closely as possible and clearly state it is a twins baby shower.

A couple of classic baby shower themes that incorporate the twins theme into the design are Two Peas in a Pod and Noah's Ark. Both of these themes are neutral and can be used for either baby boys or girls.

If you know whether the babies are boys and/or girls you can include pink and blue colors as part of your theme. Decorate with pink and/or blue streamers, balloons, and confetti. String up a clothes line and hang 2 onesies, booties, shirts, bibs, etc. using blue and/or pink depending on whether the babies are boys or girls.

You can buy matching baby shower invitations to coordinate with your theme or you can make your own. There are many online sites that offer free printable baby shower invitations. This site has a nice selection of twins baby shower invitations. All you need to do to print your own invitations is buy some quality card stock and find a design that fits your theme.

Join me tomorrow for tips on choosing party favors for a twins baby shower.

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